Welcome to Corban's Nurseries

Corban's Nurseries is the newest addition to a long line of family history and tradition when it comes to Wine and the art of growing grapes that live up to the standard and quality known by many.

New Zealand’s viticulture industry and a reputation for quality grapevines are both synonymous with the name Corban. Corban's Nurseries are based on a long and proud history of providing high quality, certified, grafted grapevines. Corban's Nurseries are take pride in providing top quality grafted grapevines to the New Zealand wine industry.

A little more about us

Bruce Corban, the Director, is a great grandson of A.A Corban, who established what was to become Corban's Wines Ltd, in 1903. Bruce's experience in the industry spans more than 40 years, with particular emphasis on the propagation of grafted grapevines. Many of the techniques in use today were pioneered by his father, Joseph Corban MBE, who was widely regarded as the father of New Zealand viticulture. Bruce heads up a dedicated team who share the same pursuit and passion for producing the best vines in New Zealand. Bruce's wife, Helen, has been beside him since the inception of Corban's Nurseries Ltd, and brings with her years of practical knowledge and experience in all facets of grapevine propagation. Their daughter, Hana, joined the company four years ago, after returning from spending a year in Canada, where she gained experience working at a Canadian Winery. She brings a fresh and modern perspective that greatly enhances the company's performance. Eileen and Fono have worked closely together for many years and are the best of mates. Initially working with Bruce's father, Joe, between them they have over 50 years of experience, and bring a rare and valuable dynamic to all areas of Corbans. They are not only an invaluable part of the team, but also regarded as family.

We purchased grapes from Bruce Corban two years ago and we are very happy with the quality of the vines. We had an exceptionally high strike rate with his vines and they are flourishing. The same year we purchased vines from elsewhere and the strike rate was nowhere near as high. I recommend dealing with Corbans Nurseries as I have had no problems whatsoever, from delivery, right through to planting and advice. Everything went smoothly..

- Dion MacDonald, 7 Vines, Marlborough